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Whether for a wedding, for a special occasion or simply ‘just because’, a Lily Rouse gown is the epitome of elegant bespoke silk design. Using the finest materials, we construct a refined piece you’ll cherish, combing delicate techniques and skills with grace, beauty and sustainability.

Our silk creations accentuate the female form and flatter the individual. Our immaculate craftsmanship and precise construction sculpts a silhouette that accentuates all your finest qualities. A work of art reimagined in silk - your Lily Rouse gown will be a true experience to wear. With years of experience in couture techniques, we are unrivalled in the love and care that goes into making the experience and the end product truly magical. Lily Rouse is particularly renowned for our timeless and versatile silhouettes so you can enjoy maximum wearability from your wonderful bespoke garment.


Virtual consultations are available by appointment and are conducted via your preferred method of contact. Clients are invited to share inspiration, ideas and desires so that we can create a truly personal and unique creation.

Clients are welcome to share pictures, memories and desired effects with us so that we can actualise your desires in silk. Following the preliminary visual consultation, a more thorough consultation occurs with couture sketches and the wonderful and personal journey begins.

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